zondag 2 januari 2011


And then, suddenly, Peter de Vries disappeared, dissolved into nothing. He is annihilated, canceled, washed away. He is fallen into the bin-of-bits. Only a small pufffff marks the place where he had been, or hasn't been, that's the question.

It has been a wonderful time, with heavy excitement, many orgasms, lots of sperm flying around, tainting the keyboard. Have you seen it? Did you watch the cam? Did his emails touch you, arouse you, please you?

It's al in the past now.

So please wipe-out his name in your address book, his account in your portal, his image in your memory.

Please reply to CancelMe65@gmail.com.
Peter's Testament is at http://peterdevries65.blogspot.com.
Peter's last Space has moved from http://CancelMe65.spaces.live.com to http://Peterdevries65.hyves.nl

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